About Us

We are a small family run farm in Purcellville, Va.  We moved here from Leesburg (only a few minutes away) in 2005.  Did we set out to have a farm of this size?  Nope.  Actually our background is in computers.  We owned a computer store for 12 years before we sold it and decided to take a break.  During that break, we sold on eBay as a full time business, buying storage units and sorting through them and selling what we could.  It was definitely a lot of fun and a lot of work!  One day we decided it was time to move.  We had thought the house we had in Leesburg would be our “forever home” but it didn’t fit either of us.

We started searching a little further west and stumbled upon this property.  32 acres and a 30 year old home that needed a lot of love and care.  Our goal at that moment?  Raise a cow for our family and have chickens for eggs.  That’s IT.  Llamas came with the property as it was previously a llama farm, so we would take care of them as well.

We raised our 2 cows the first year we were here – finishing them off solely on grass not really knowing WHY but it sounded right.  We went with Angus because we knew the breed and liked the taste. Our plan, raise 2 and sell 1 1/2 to help pay for ours.  25 baby chicks showed up and we raised them up for eggs – because with 32 acres I felt I needed to have a few chickens!

Venturing out, I rototilled a 20×40 garden for Joe for his birthday. I can’t grow anything, but this is something he wanted to do.  Then we learned about the farmers markets and I decided to sell eggs.

Well, back to the 2 cows….. we sold all of the meat and we didn’t get ANY.  So in year 2 we decided on 4 cows. Again we sold out and realized we had a market.

Of course, by visiting the 4-H Fair, we learned about different animals and expanded as demand grew.  As demand grew, our knowledge grew of what we REALLY wanted to do with this new adventure.

Our new and on-going goal is to provide you and your family with healthy, naturally raised products as well as providing the same for our own family.  EVERYTHING we offer is enjoyed by our own family, we would never offer you something we would not eat ourselves and does not meet our standards (ask us one day about our hot dog fiasco!)