New Beginnings and Dreams Continued

HELLO LOUDOUN COUNTY!  We are unbelievably excited to be here!  This moment has been a dream for so long that it seems hard to believe that it is now a reality!  We want to first thank Dana and Joe for allowing us to be the family that continues their story, while intertwining ours. It’s an honor to be taking over the farm.  You both are great and have built an amazing business with customers, friends and family.  Thank you for all of your patience over this past week with all of our questions…we are putting you on speed dial when you leave!  Justine and I are very clear we have some big shoes to fill!

As Dana stated, we will be keeping everything the same…the products, the quality and the love!  We are committed to expanding and offering more in the future by using our raw products to advance our selections in the market by making various ready to eat foods, condiments, etc… made fresh daily. We also have plans to expand the productivity of the farm by growing and harvesting a wide variety of fruits and vegetables as well as collect fresh honey from our own bee colonies!

Speaking of “we,” let me introduce myself and family. My name is Miles Cowan and I come from the IT world. Then there is my wife of 18 years, Justine, who is a classically trained chef that has worked in restaurants, has been a private chef and while in Seattle, owned and operated a catering company.  We have 3 boys, Hunter (16 years old), Quade (13 years old) and Daxton (8 years old) who all finally began school again at the schools they were originally in before!  The boys are completely in love with the farm and animals (hard not to be) but I don’t think they quite understand yet how much work they will be doing… 🙂

We were all born and raised in California and originally came out to Loudoun County two years ago because of my work.  We lived in Lovettsville and felt completely at home, only to be ripped from it 9 months later, again because of work.  We were transferred to Seattle, WA and remained there for a little over a year.  My company asked if we wanted to move back to the east coast and long story short, we are now permanently on the “right” coast!

We look forward to getting to know all of you and serving the wonderful people of Loudoun County!

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2 Responses to New Beginnings and Dreams Continued

  1. Darren Marrazzo says:

    Hi Miles and Justine,

    Congratulations to you and the family! We will certainly miss Dana and Joe, but my wife and I are happy to hear that you will be continuing on with the farm and all the same products, and then some! The beef from Chicama is the best around and we don’t buy it anyplace else. We are so happy to know that we can continue to buy our beef from you. We look forward to seeing you soon!

    Dana and Joe – Thank you for everything and we wish you all the best!

    • chicama says:

      Hello Darren,

      Thank you. My family and I are very excited. We will miss Joe and Dana and even though we were with them for a short time they became family right away.


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