New Beginnings and Fresh Dreams

Where to Start

I figured out the other day that I have been writing a newsletter every week for at least 10 years.  This is my last for Chicama Run.  A year ago we placed the farm AND BUSINESS up for sale privately.  We didn’t want to just say “See Ya!” and leave, we wanted to find someone with a dream of their own to expand on our dream.  We found them – all the way on the west coast and the transfer is happening this week.

First thing I want to say – THEY ARE DOING THE SAME THING WE HAVE DONE FOR THE LAST 11 YEARS!!  The products aren’t changing – they are EXPANDING with a dream of their own (and they will be the ones to share that with you).

We walked into this without a clue of what we were doing, and we have come away with memories and moments we will never forget.  Honestly, I’ve been an emotional wreck this past week and even now I’m holding in tears as I write this.  But, it’s time.

You all have watched us grow, through 3 adoptions, multiple awesome foster kids, multiple ideas and dreams (I still say the Build-a-Box was my idea – but we will let Joe have it), so many firsts in farming and firsts in marketing farms!  More than 6 years at the farmers markets, introducing Square to take credit cards when I noticed that a leg of lamb can be pretty costly and well – I just don’t carry that amount in cash so I assumed others didn’t either.  Our battle with Lyme Disease – mine and yours – our stories are joined by a stupid tick though no 2 have been the same……

It’s been a journey.

Joe will be there at the farm this coming weekend with the new owners to introduce you (and maybe warn them about some of you trouble makers) and to help with the adjustment.  I will be starting with our kids to move.

We have been a part of Loudoun County personally for over 25 years and neither of us has ever moved from Northern Virginia – so the change will be exciting, nerve-wracking, and completely new and different (I have NO idea where I will get our beef from!)

So simply said – THANK YOU!!  We couldn’t have made it through these years without you and we appreciate all you have done.  Welcome to the new owners – Miles & Justine Cowan and their family!  Thank you for expanding on our dream and keeping our dream alive.

YES – Turkey reservations will be going up this week, YES – Beef is still available, YES – Pork is still available, YES – Raw Milk is still available, YES – Eggs are still available, YES – baby goats are still here, YES – piglets might be running around the farm…. YES – the name is STAYING….. YES – the Facebook page is the same….. do you all get the idea?  We didn’t want to sell this dream to just anybody – it has been too important to us.

See you this weekend! And THANK YOU!!

Your Family Farmers,
The Sacco Family
Joe, Dana, Keylah, Karina, Jacob, Alexis, and Lupita
Chicama Run, LLC

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