Customers Become Like Family

This is a phrase Joe posted up on one of our whiteboards outside one day and I love it.  It’s so true.  We are starting our 12th year with the farm – we pulled up 12 years ago in June 1 week before school ended and started something we honestly never planned on!

Over the last 12 years, we have seen so many people come and go and babies born and grown up – it’s just amazing to us.  As we have watched your families, you have watched ours.  From Alexis being on the cover of a farm tour brochure, and Jake and Alexis with pictures in the paper….to the many additions we have had!  One of our daughters, Keylah, coming to our home when she was 15….. to her marriage this past April.  To Lupita joining us at age 3 – to her now running around and telling everyone everything.

We’ve discussed many things over the years, homeschooling, public school, foster care, adoption, Lyme disease and more.   We’ve had customers who have children who CAN’T eat anything from a grocery store because of allergies to people who just want good quality meats and want to support local farmers.

We spent 8+ years, year-round, at the local farmers market before opening our doors and staying at home to sell and you have followed us home.

What makes me think about all this?  You won’t see me at home as much as I have been in the past.  I remember at the farmer’s markets laughing and explaining that Joe really DOES exist – and thinking I needed a cardboard cutout because of the number of times I was asked.  Now I’m the one away and I know the thoughts of our customers are with me because they comment all the time.

I fought Lyme and you all watched.  I was bed-ridden to the point a Saturday market was all that I did all week.  I still fight but I think I’ve won most of the battles as I bounced back, lost the weight I had gained and was able to work again.  I’m still fighting, and our customers know this.  I spent the winter away and yeah – for the most part I feel better in warmer weather.  I’m fighting a new unknown battle at the moment and so I stay at the RV as we figure out what is triggering whatever it is (don’t worry – they took all the blood they could to run more tests which DOESN’T include Lyme!)…. and I coming back to the farm is now my vacation spot.

Joe is at the farm working….. and working…. and we were blessed a year and a half ago to have a new employee join us (which was funny as I sold him a pig a few months before and I made him catch it himself) who loves the animals as much as I do – anyone is wondering, George the Peacock is actually his and he needed a home for him.  SO we have help that cares.

Do I have a point?  Probably but I’m not sure what it is besides when we say that our customers become family – we mean it as we have seen it evolve from 2 cows to this…..

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