Northern Virginia Coyotes

Can you believe these are in the area? Ok, I’ve known about them, but rarely have I seen them. It’s been quite a few years since they have been out and about where I have seen them, but they are here.

We actually shot one last week. What’s interesting about them, they don’t look ANYTHING like any of the pictures that I’ve seen where they look pretty and strong….. the ones I’ve seen and the one that we shot looked like a cross between a hyena and a coyote – hunched back and scraggly looking.

I wish I had been able to take a picture of her (yes we checked) because she WAS big…. and the WHITEST teeth I have EVER seen!!

So if you see something that looks like a dog, but taller and with a more pronounced triangle face, it MIGHT just be a coyote…. and when there is one …. there are more likely more close by.

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