War of the Fox

Right now we are at war….. with what seems to be a growing number of foxes in the area.  This is the hardest we have been hit in AGES – ok in all 11 years we have been doing this.

Yesterday alone I think we shot at a MINIMUM of 3 different annoying – yet beautiful – fox.

For years, we had the livestock guardian dogs and I loved my big dogs.  The fluffy Monster was a farm favorite and it broke my heart the day he didn’t come home after chasing something from the farm and breaking through the electric fence.

It’s been a few years since he left and I think the fox have now realized it as this is the FIRST year they are actively at all hours of the day digging around our chicken pens.

So if you see one of the guys running around and grabbing a gun…. it’s really OK… we are honestly getting tired and very frustrated with the attacks.  I’m about to start making belts for the guys to hang fox tails off of to show how many they have shot!

When you ask why we have roosters (I had someone who really wants me to get rid of all of them recently)…. it’s because they are our warning system, causing us to stop what we are doing and get it, grab a gun, and go after the threat.

450 chickens just doesn’t seem like a lot of chickens at the moment.

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10 Responses to War of the Fox

  1. dthurmond says:

    go take a deep breath amongst your critters and count to 10 real slow



    • chicama says:

      Oh we do don’t worry about that – but when you lose 3-4 chickens a day – I consider it a war 😉

      • Jaime says:

        I’m with you. We lost 3 of our beloved pet ducks in one day. 3!!!! Two in broad daylight, within 50 feet of our house. I’ve never seen as many as I have this year. Just yesterday, my heeler chased one out of our back yard.

    • meema says:

      obviously you haven’t seen how many chickenstudents a fox can kill in one night

      • chicama says:

        Yes – if they get in the coop it can be devastating!! When we first moved here we went Christmas shopping one day and came home and ALL our 100+ chickens were in the front yard… we found a young fox was STILL chasing them and trying to kill them in some sort of frenzy. We shot the fox from about 5ft away – it had no idea we were standing there because of the “high” he was on (that’s the only way to describe it). It’s NOT typical behavior – usually they will grab and go. Our meanest rooster fought hard that day as the evidence showed around the entire yard.

  2. Robert Orr says:

    Yes, foxes can be a pest. They are beautiful, but less than noble when they start devouring pets in your neighborhood.

  3. Kathy says:

    I completely support the need to protect livestock! But if the dog was such a good deterrent GET ANOTHER DOG! Then the foxes can perform their natural duty and keep the rodent population under control, without the risk of anyone getting caught in the crossfire.

    If you come across orphaned fox kits please contact me, I would be happy to help get them to wildlife rehabilitators who will release them where they wont cause trouble.

    • chicama says:

      I wish we could some days – it takes awhile to train a new dog and it’s best to start them young. Right now, with my health issues, I can’t train a new young puppy to do this job.

    • Linda Miller says:

      Farmers in Clarke County are getting donkeys to help take care of the fox and coyotes on their property. Will be coming your way soon for some milk for making cheese.

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